Juno – Office dog

Currently in training. Has not yet mastered answering the phone or making tea.

Hollie Barton – Senior Planning Consultant

Hollie has significant experience in development management matters and can assist with requests for pre-application advice, site appraisals and the submission of planning applications. In particular she has considerable knowledge in the retail and commercial sectors.
Hollie is skilled in leading multidisciplinary teams, coordinating complex major planning applications and preparing detailed local plan representations for schemes across all sectors.

Katie Delaney – Director

Katie has extensive experience in dealing with a range of planning matters across the North West authorities, in various sectors including residential, education, agriculture and recreation. She has appeared as an expert planning witness at Section 78 appeals and Examinations in Public.

Katie can assist with the initial assessment of development sites and advise on their potential, entering into pre-application advice discussions, preparation of planning appraisals, preparation of planning applications and appeals, the strategic promotion of sites through the local plan process, as well as liaising with and negotiating with planning authorities at all stages of the planning process.

Sarah has significant experience in dealing with a range of planning matters across the North West, including in commercial, residential, and recreation/ leisure sectors.

Sarah can assist with development management matters including the initial assessment of development sites/ preparation of planning appraisals, requests for pre-application advice, co-ordinating/ preparing planning applications and appeals, the promotion of sites through the local plan process, as well as liaising with and negotiating with planning authorities at all stages of the planning process.

Where a development has been carried out either without the relevant planning permission or where there has been a failure to comply with the details or conditions of a planning permission, the relevant Authority may pursue enforcement action. Our team has experience in dealing with enforcement matters and can advise on the appropriate strategy to resolve matters and liaise with the relevant Authority to seek to address the breach. Where a notice has been served and there are grounds for such an appeal, Maybern can manage the preparation and submission of an appeal against the enforcement.

Where an application for planning or listed building consent has been refused, Maybern can advise on the relevant appeal process, form an appropriate strategy and act on behalf of clients in lodging the appeal with the Planning Inspectorate. Our team has experience in dealing with planning appeals by written representation, at hearings and at public inquiries.

It is often the case with developments which are large scale or where there are numerous sensitive technical issues, that we recommend engagement with the local community and key stakeholders to ensure that key matters can be addressed during the design phase of a development. We can coordinate both pre- and post-submission engagement events, arrange letter-drops to inform consultation exercises, and invite ward councilors and/or other key stakeholders to preview sessions. We can also assist with collating and analysing primary and secondary source data linked to engagement strategies.

We can assist with both monitoring of and engagement with the development plan process, ensuring that landowners, developers or other interested parties promote their assets or interests through emerging local plans in thorough and detailed representations. We are able to both prepare written submissions as well as appear at Examinations In Public (EIPs).

Maybern can prepare and submit various types of application, including outline, full and reserved matters, as well as those for changes of use, listed building consent, lawful development certificates and discharge/variation of conditions. We often act as the principal consultant, liaising with technical consultants to coordinate the necessary team of experts. As part of the principal consultant role or as a standalone instruction, we can prepare planning statements, retail statements (with or without sequential site assessments), and other supporting statements to assess how a proposal complies with local and national planning policy/guidance.

We can provide an assessment of the planning merits of a site for your desired development, assessing the level of risk and advising on the best planning strategy. It is often our recommendation to engage with the relevant Authority at an early stage. We can assist with these discussions, be it formal or informal engagement with the relevant planning authority and/or stakeholders.